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ESCAPE28 Conference
Graz, Austria 10-13 Jun 2018

Registration / Status of Payment & Invoices

The excursion to the Zotter Chocolate Factory is SOLD OUT! We can only offer "Last minute" seats after personal consulation directly at the conference.

1) To register to the conference:
- Navigate to your "Dashboard"
- Click on "Register to the conference" in the menu on the right
- Choose an option from the drop down menu and "Confirm Registration"
- Choose now (i) the blue bank symbol (for direct bank transfer), or (ii) the "Visa/Mastercard" symbol for credit card payment via Stripe. 
- Follow the instructions for the payment.
- Note that for direct bank transfer, you should arrive at an information page regarding discount and bank details. These details can also be found HERE (see section 'Discounts on Registrations').

2) To check status of payment/registration:
- Navigate to your "Dashboard"
- Click on "Register to the conference" in the menu on the right
- Click on "Registration status" in the menu on the right
- See the "Status" symbol. If there is a sun symbol (without clouds) everything is paid and fine. If there is a "sun with clouds" symbol, this means we are currently processing your registration. If there is a clock symbol, this means we are awaiting your payment. If there is some other symbol, this means there is an error with this registration.
- Click on the order number to see details of the order. Note, no discounts will be considered in this order form - please subtract any discount (see HERE) when transfering the maney via direct bank transfer.

3) Invoices
We will start issuing invoices mid of March 2018. In case you need a pro-forma invoice to make the payment, or urgently need an invoice, please send an email with the heading "ESCAPE28: Request for Invoice" to escape28@tugraz.at. In case you need a special text on the invoice (e.g., your VAT number), please send an email with this heading to us.
We will distribute invoices via Email after payment (NOT via ConfOrganizer). Note, distributing invoices may take up to 10 working days since we do this manually.
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