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ESCAPE28 Conference
Graz, Austria 10-13 Jun 2018

Final Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted exclusively via this webpage by first logging in, and then navigate to the 'Dashoard' tab on top. Click on your (accepted) abstract(s). Finally, in the menu on the right please click "Submit extended abstract". Please note: (i) upload MS Word files (NO PDFs. For Latex: see below), and (ii) restrict the file size to < 5 MB.  Anyhow, please make your file as small as possible before uploading (less than 2 MB is preferred)! Also, please do not reply to reviewers' comments related to your abstract - please just implement recommendations in the manuscript. 

Note: to upload, you should click on the abstract, and then in the menu on the right “Submit extended abstract.”

In case you work with Latex: please upload A SINGLE ZIPPED file with all relevant text files and the compiled PDF (filename: submission number name of first author) via THIS CLOUD LINK (this is upload only; no worry, you can upload multiple times if there is a need). The password for the link has been emailed to all authors of manuscripts. Please do NOT upload MS Word manuscript files, or any other files via this link.
NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot automatically confirm the receipt of your Latex files. A periodically-updated list of submitted Latex files is AVAILABLE VIA THIS LINK. The update frequency is approximately every 2 days!

The templates for the manuscript preparation are available here: 'ESCAPE28 Manuscript Templates'

Please upload your final manuscript(s) by February 20th (11:55 p.m. Vienna time) latest. Earlier upload is preferred! We CANNOT extend this deadline for manuscript upload.

Last minute checks to be done by authors:
  • Headers on odd pages must be ONE line only, and hence title must be abbreviated if too long. Please ensure the page number in the header is placed as in the template.
  • Please ensure you adhere to the 6-page limit (please use some lines less to have a safety margin for the slightly different spacing between individual versions of MS Word!). We will simply shorten contributions that exceed 6 pages.
  • Text in figures must be readable and resolution must be adequate (at least 2000 pixel in the width direction)
  • Please use a point (NOT a comma) to indicate decimal numbers (e.g., "1.2", and not "1,2").
  • References and formatting in general: please ensure a uniform formatting that conforms to the template (https://www.tugraz.at/events/escape28/services-registration/downloads/). The references should be listed in alphabetical order in the list of references.
  • Please make sure the list of authors and the title in the ConfOrganizer system and in the Manuscript are the same. Send an email to escape28<at>tugraz.at in case you wish to change the authors in the abstract, or adjust the title. Please write this email with the subject “ESCAPE28 List of authors <Submission ID>”, and attach the list of authors in the correct order with full affiliation and most importantly all email addresses of the authors as a text file (preferably, MS Word). We need this information to update the abstract in the ConfOrganizer software.
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