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ESCAPE28 Conference
Graz, Austria 10-13 Jun 2018

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted exclusively via this webpage by first logging in, and then navigate to the 'Dashoard' tab on top. Click on your (accepted) abstract(s). Finally, in the menu on the right please click "Submit extended abstract". Please note: (i) upload only PDFs, and (ii) restrict the file size to < 5 MB.  Anyhow, please make your file as small as possible before uploading (less than 2 MB is preferred)! Also, please do not reply to reviewers' comments related to your abstract - please just implement recommendations in the manuscript. 

The templates for the manuscript preparation are available here: 'ESCAPE28 Manuscript Templates'

Please upload your manuscript(s) by December 12th (11:55 p.m. Vienna time) latest. If you like to submit a manuscript, but cannot meet the above deadline, please upload a blank PDF document until Dec 12th in any case.  We will again extend the deadline for manuscript upload, and it will be possible to upload manuscripts (and hence overwrite the blank PDF document) via this webpage by December 20th 2017 the very very latest.
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